Who May Attend DVA?

Any Hall County School District student who will be in the 6th grade in the following school year may apply during the annual application period. Please see the Hall County website or the Rigor website for more information.

 DVA is designed for students who love to learn, particularly those with strong interests in the arts, sciences and/or technology. Students who are curious and who learn best in a creative educational setting are prime candidates for this program.  Intrinsic motivation, resourcefulness, and a problem-solving disposition are characteristics that applicants should possess. Selection is based on evidence from students’ applications, recommendations from teachers and/or others, and school transcripts of (a) intrinsic motivation to excel; (b) interest and advanced ability in the arts, sciences and/or technology; (c) creativity; and (d) ability to work well independently and in small group settings.

Diversity is valued at  DVA. It is a learning community in which all students feel connected and supported while, at the same time, their individuality is respected.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Sally Krisel, Director of Innovative and Advanced Programs, 770-534-1080, ext. 246 or sally.krisel@hallco.org .