Grading Policy

Grading Policy In our effort to align our grading policy with the state standards for each content area we have organized our grades into two categories:  Standards and Daily Work.  This grading policy also maintains our mission of preparing middle school students for high school, college, and their professional lives by nurturing mastery of important concepts, skills, and knowledge required by our Georgia Performance Standards while also requiring some consequences.
Standards Daily Work
The grades in the standards folder show a student’s level of mastery of the standards from any given performance task or test. Exceeds 80-100 Meets 70-79 Does Not Meet -<70   A student will be given various opportunities to demonstrate that they Meet a standard; however, after a grading period  (1st nine weeks, 2nd nine weeks, etc.) this grade will no longer be changed.  Redeemable daily work contains grades on assignments that can be made-up or accepted late for various reasons including absences, need for clarification, or scheduled tutorials.
Non-redeemable daily work contains grades on assignments that will not be accepted late for any reason other than an approved absence.  These assignments are non-redeemable because their purpose is to prepare a student for a specific activity or task required that day.  Making up the assignment late will no longer serve a purpose towards the objectives of the lesson or activity.