DVA General Rules

Da Vinci Academy General Rules: General DVA Rules: 
  • No laptops in the cafeteria (morning or lunch)
  • Touch pods, cell phones, etc. are for instructional use only or with specific permission from the teacher in the room.
  • Chewing gum and listening to music are at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Morning procedure: When students arrive at school they may go to their locker once and then remain in the cafeteria or café when it is open. When students are dismissed from the cafeteria at 7:50, they must go to their homeroom and remain there. No lollygagging in the hallways and walking around the building. All teachers must supervise their rooms and monitor the hallways and bathrooms.
      The following procedures will be implemented to enforce appropriate behavior of students: 
  1. Respect others and use proper language as well as proper etiquette (including tone of voice) with peers and teachers.
  2. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated (unnecessary noises, talking, touching, throwing things, horseplay, etc.)
  3. Follow directions for class procedures (tardy, locker, restroom, etc.)
  4. Be prepared for class (pencil, paper, notebooks, laptops, assignments, etc.)
  5. Obey all school rules as outlined in student agenda.
  6. Making administrative level changes to the technological devices of others will not be tolerated.                                                                                          
   CONSEQUENCES  1st    Warning (Name the behavior, state clear expectations of appropriate behavior, give choice)  2nd    Isolate student in the classroom (student goes to isolation area for limited time according to teacher discretion)  3rd   Isolation/reflection/parent contact (Student returns to isolation and completes behavior reflection. Phone call home and entry into Infinite Campus)  4th   Disciplinary referral to appropriate assistant principal.   SEVERE DISRUPTION OR CHRONIC MISBEHAVIOR WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE REFERRAL   
  ISS/OSS is available only once to a DVA student. If behavior issues continue, the student will lose the opportunity to attend DVA.