Dress Code

DRESS FOR SUCCESS-SHMS DRESS CODE OUR PHILOSOPHY – STUDENT APPEARANCE AND DRESS Students who reflect neatness, cleanliness and good taste, are dressing for success. Student dress should not violate common safety, be a distraction, or cause a disruption of the educational process or the orderly operation of the school. Based on this concept dress regulations are enforced. The following lists some of the types of clothing that cannot be worn at school: * Trench coats * Excessively baggy pants (must fit at waist) * Gang related attire * Sunglasses in the building * Tube tops * Strapless dresses * See through clothing * Mesh jersey without another shirt underneath * Items with suggestive lettering, pictures, symbols, alcohol or drug depiction’s * Miniskirts or mini dresses * Sundresses * Shirts without side seams * Blouses, dresses or shirts that show exposed areas of the stomach, sides or back; all shirts must reach the waist and cover the shoulders * Sleeveless shirts * Muscle shirts * Hats, bandannas * Spandex or Lycra clothing * Clothes with holes or slits above the knee Students are required to wear appropriate undergarments and shoes. When in the judgment of the administration, a violation of the dress code has occurred; students will not be permitted in classes or halls until the situation has been corrected. Students wearing inappropriate or non-approved clothing may be sent to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day, or parents may be called to bring a change of clothing. Further dress code violations may result in disciplinary action. SPECIFIC GUIDELINES In general, clothing should be clean, neat, and not frayed. Shirt sleeves may not be rolled up. Clothing should fit properly, neither too loosely nor too tightly. The student should be dressed in a manner that reflects, rather than distracts from, the learning process. SPECIAL NOTES Other general guidelines for what may or may not be worn at school (including hair styles and coloring, jackets, jewelry, sun glasses, caps, hats, bandanas, etc.) may be found in the student agenda book. All policies are subject to interpretation by the administration. “Dress for Success”