Welcome to The DaVinci Academy


DaVinci Academy (DVA) is a program of choice that uses student interest in the arts, sciences and/or technology as the foundation for advanced learning in all content areas. Selected students in grades six through eight work closely with multi-talented, creative teachers who guide the students in developing deep understanding of subject matter through direct instruction, collaborative exploration and discovery. Additionally, adjunct professional scientists and artists periodically join the DVA learning community to work with small groups and individual students in their areas of interest.

Instruction is interdisciplinary. There is strong emphasis on technology across the curriculum. State standards are integrated into thematic units centered on issues of importance to adolescent learners — my place in a global society, resolving conflict in the 21st century, etc.   Emphasis for all students is on applied learning experiences that help them function with increasing competency as researchers, creators, problem solvers, or practitioners in a field. Problem-based study using a variety of research strategies, group activities, and independent work allows students to pursue their areas of individual interest in depth.

It is the goal of DVA to instill in young people lifelong intellectual curiosity and commitment to learning by building an extraordinary educational foundation on their strengths and interests. The dual emphasis on rigorous academic standards and creative productivity creates a dynamic learning environment that inspires authentic learning, motivation, innovation and enjoyment!


8th Grade Capstone Project

For those who are thinking about your Capstone Project, a good place to look is Real-World Learning in High School as presented by Eastern Carver County Schools. They have great information very similar to what we will use as well as a good YouTube video.

Mrs. Patterson also has High School level examples and ideas on her Pinterest page under the heading “Capstone Projects”. If you work toward the project, remember to log the progress.